Some recent client feedback:

"Excellent translations, of high quality and natural-sounding sentences." - EA Sports (QC)

"The quality is great, I am guessing Fredrik has done this?" - Shimano

"A professional vendor through and through. Thanks for the input and the hard work." - FIFA 22, EA Sports

"Perfect translation!" - Samsung

"An excellent translation effort. The translator has managed to make a quite specialised text interesting and easy to read." - Quality Evaluation from regular client

"Great flow, smart choice of words, and appropriate tone of voice. I have only positive things to say about this translation. Keep up the good work!" - EA Sports (QC)

"You are one of our favourite translators across all languages"
- Richard van der Giessen, CEO of Local Heroes

"Translates freely where it improves natural flow, while maintaining accuracy in regards to source. Excellent linguistic quality." - EA Sports (QC)

"I wanted to let you know that there was particular high praise for the Scandinavian translations on the project" - Jelle de Vaal, Local Heroes

"I really want to say thank you! Our client in Norway is very happy about the translation. You made (in a very short deadline) a good job, very professional and conscientious!"
- Aude Carlier, Right Ink

"The Norwegian translations are spot on" - Testing team, regular client

"This is a flawless translation, highly recommended!" - QA



"Thanks again for the amazing efforts last year. Im convinced that no one else could have churned out such high quality work in the circumstances we found ourselves in." - Jelle de Vaal, Local Heroes

"Great language!" - Reviewer

"You know were completely lost without you" - Lizzy Untermann, Microsoft

"I love your enthusiasm, gives me energy!" - Regular client

"Fredrik is an excellent translator. Consistent good quality, great attitude, timely deliveries. My clients love his translations and I would highly recommend him to other outsourcers."
- Jolianna Communications

"WOW, Fredrik! This is excellent!"
- Regular client

"Nice and professional Norwegian translator, thorough, investigates and checks everything before delivery."
- Text & Musik AB

"The translator has done a very good job with using words and terms appropriate to the level of formality, keeping true to the characters and fully utilising the Norwegian language." - Tester on Horizon Zero Dawn

"You are a very professional, hard-working person and also a nice one :)" - Regular client